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Ontario Tourism Audience Rating

Ontario Tourism Audience Rating System is used to rate the content of website found in our travel directory. The audience rating is provided by the author of the website and then reviewed by a Ontario Tourism Editor for accuracy.

Visitors to the Ontario Tourism can browse by the audience rating of their choice. You can select a button below to start browsing Travel Accomadations below by audience rating or from any listing as the audience rating is linked there as well.

Ontario Tourism Audience Rating: All Ages

All Ages: Accomadations rated All Ages (AA) have content that is suitable for ages 6 and older. Businesses in this category may contain activities suited for all ages. Listings marked with the "ALL Ages," are deemed safe for younger viewers.

Ontario Tourism Audience Rating: General Audience

General Audience: All ages admitted. This signifies that the listings audience rating is suitable for the General Audience including children.

Ontario Tourism Audience Rating: Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: That the Accomdations may not be suitable for children. This signifies that the accomdations may contain some material viewers might not like to expose to their young children - material that will clearly need to be examined or inquired about before children are allowed to view. May contain sexual related material/art or topics on adult humor, or adult conversation. But the accomdation does not exceed moderate levels.

Ontario Tourism Audience Rating: Mature Audience

Mature Audience: That the Accomdations are inappropriate for children under 13. This signifies that the accomdation is inappropriate for pre-teens or children. That the accomdations are for Adults Only or Mature Audience (MA). As it may be sexual related material or adult humor, or adult conversation. May be more sexually derived in context.

Ontario Tourism Audience Rating: Adult Material

Adult Material: Accomdations deemed or given the audience rating of "Adult Material," (AM) are meant for adults only and for those participants to be over the age of 18. The accomdations may contain use of adult language, violence, sexual related material or images or its portrayal is more of an adult nature.

Ontario Tourism Audience Rating: Adult Related

Adult Related: Accomdations deemed or given the audience rating of "Adult Related," (AR) are meant for adult audiences or viewers over the age of 18. This signifies that the audience rating is adult related and that younger viewers under the age of 18 should not attend.

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